Google Maps for Biking: Where's the Mobile App?

Google goofed by not introducing a mobile app its Google Maps bike directions feature.

By Jared Newman, PC World |  Personal Tech, Google Maps

Missing from Google's announcement Wednesday that biking directions would be added to Google Maps is any word of support for smartphones. For the bicycle bound, that own smartphones, it looks like you're going to have to print your maps out before you grab your helmet and head out the door.

Yes, Google Maps's biking directions are a great idea. As with the walking and public transit directions added in previous years, it's nice that people who don't strictly rely on their cars can still use Google Maps to get around.

But the new feature of biking directions is not as useful if you can't take it with you. Right now I can't access the Google Maps directions for bikes feature on either my iPhone or a colleague's Android-based Motorola Droid.

Maybe I've just become spoiled by Google Maps for Mobile, but looking up directions beforehand has become a thing of the past when I drive or walk somewhere, because I can always just look up where to go on the fly. This comes in handy when plans change, or if I miss the exit on the highway and need to plot a new route. For biking, a mobile app lets you plot a new course if the one you planned seems too long, short, easy or strenuous.

Unfortunately, neither the announcement on the Official Google Blog nor the Google Lat Long Blog mention mobile at all.

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