Two schools to start Wii-based education, fitness programs

The Wii is becoming a favored item among US educators

By Dave Rudden, GamePro |  Personal Tech, education, Wii

While Shigeru Miyamoto has been hoping for Japanese schools to adopt the DS as a learning tool, his company's other video game system is slowly but surely becoming a favored item among US educators. Two schools based out of Lindale, Texas will soon be starting programs based on Wii hardware and software, each utilizing Nintendo's home console in different ways.

The Early Childhood Center will be starting a project called "Wii Can Do It," in which disabled students can use the Wii for therapy and to learn how to become more knowledgeable about goals and objectives. The Lindale Primary School will be starting a program called "Wii Fit, Wii Moving and Wii Happy," in which students will utilize the Wii to improve themselves in a variety of fitness categories like balance and hand-eye coordination. Each program will receive upwards of $1,000 to help fund their efforts.

SOURCE: Texas School Grants Back Wii-Based Initiatives [GamePolitics]

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