Nintendo DS blood-sugar testing accessory coming to the US

By Dave Rudden, GamePro |  Personal Tech, health care, Nintendo DS

Bayer's Didget, an FDA-approved device that allows players to transmit diabetes test data to a Nintendo DS in order to earn new minigames, will be coming to the U.S. pharmacies later this year.

Testing ones blood-sugar level--done by literally procuring a sample of blood from your finger--isn't a pleasant prospect for most, not to mention the many children affected with diabetes. Bayer is hoping to make the procedure a bit easier on kids in America, as the pharmaceutical company has announced that its blood sugar-testing device, the Didget, will be available in the U.S. via CVS and Walgreens' online pharmacies for $75--though that price may vary depending on your health plan.

Children will be able to quickly perform and receive results for their blood sugar levels using the Didget, and will earn points that can be transferred to the Nintendo DS via the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot included in pre-DSi models to earn new content in a game that comes with the testing device called Knock 'Em Downs: World's Fair. The points earned from tests can also be used by children to customize their own web pages on Bayer's Didget World online community.

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