Apple's WWDC 2010: Beyond the iPhone 4

Sure, Apple unveiled a new iPhone on Monday. But the company also shed some light on its current mindset.

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Personal Tech, Tech & society, WWDC

Jobs also said that iPhone and iPad apps that get rejected are usually turned down for three reasons: the app doesn't function as advertised; the application crashes too often; or the application uses device features that Apple hasn't made available to third-party developers (private application programming interfaces). "I think if you were in our shoes," Jobs said. "You would be rejecting these apps for the same three reasons."

What Jobs didn't address, however, were the questions surrounding Apple's decision to remove apps that have adult content or some of the confusing restrictions Apple has placed on apps that use coarse language or other content Apple finds objectionable.

Jobs also took on some of the surveys claiming the iPhone's market position is weakening, such as the NPD Group's recent report that Android outsold the iPhone in the United States for the first quarter of 2010. When NPD's report was published, Apple released a statement calling NPD's conclusion into question. On Monday Jobs also fired back at these and other recent findings.

"There have been a lot of statistics floating around, market research, market share studies," Jobs said. "And some of them are okay and some of them are questionable, and I'd like to just give you two pieces of data that could help you make your own judgments about market share." Jobs then went on to quote a Nielsen study that says during the first quarter of 2010 Apple's iPhone market share was over three times that of Android's.

Of course, what Jobs didn't point out is that total market share and total numbers of units sold during a quarter are two different things. Nevertheless, Nielsen's report does in fact contradict the NPD group's assertion that Android outsold the iPhone. Nielsen says that both the iPhone and Android grew by just 2% during the first quarter of 2010, and therefore neither platform outsold the other.


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