Android vs. iPhone: 5 Battlefields

The two smartphones will go the rounds on functions, options, apps and other features

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Personal Tech, android phone, iPhone

Apple's iPhone and Google's Android smartphones are getting set for another epic battle next week as these two titans of the smartphone industry show off their latest devices.

First, on June 23 the Axis of Don't Be Evil composed of Google, Verizon, and Adobe will announce the next wave of Android-based Motorola Droid devices. Then a day later on June 24, the Tenacious Tandem of Apple and AT&T launch the iPhone 4, the latest iteration of the popular smartphone, in the United States (the device will also launch internationally on June 24 in France, Germany, Japan and the U.K.).

Apple already sold 600,000 iPhone 4 devices in one day despite severe technical problems with ordering systems in the United States. Motorola Droid is the most popular smartphone in the Android army, and the June 23 announcement is expected to bring significant upgrades to Motorola's popular Android brand.

The stage is set, and the next battle is about to begin as Google and Apple compete over who will become the number one contender to compete for Research In Motion's smartphone crown.

So, as we get ready for next week's showdown, let's look at some of the key areas where the two smartphone platforms will compete, as well as some quick and dirty predictions over who has the advantage in each category.


The new iPhone 4 is boasting some impressive specs, including a front-facing camera, high-definition 720p video recording capability, 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, longer battery life, three-axis gyroscope, and a 960-by-640 resolution 3.5-inch LED display.

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