For Dell's Streak, price and design could be crucial, analysts say

The 5-inch tablet/smartphone will be a showcase for Dell, which is best known for selling PCs, one analyst says

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Dell said on Tuesday that its 5-inch Streak tablet will ship this Friday for $300 with a two-year AT&T contract.

Dell's 5-inch Streak tablet fits in a somewhat untested product category between a smartphone and tablet.

Its arrival comes after delays that had infuriated potential customers. But even if early adopters forgive Dell for a release snafu, its price seems high to some.

And there's the lingering question of whether it is really more of an Androidsmartphone , because its 5-inch screen is nearly half the screen size of the fast-selling Apple iPad .

Some have also expressed worries about Streak functioning poorly over only AT&T's network in the U.S., following concerns about iPhone service.

The Streak already sells in Britain, and Dell has ruled out using T-Mobile, the other major U.S. GSM carrier, to the dismay of some customers.

Potential customers are also concerned Streak will ship with Android 1.6, with an over-the-air upgrade to 2.2 later in the year, even though 2.2 is already available on smartphones like the original Droid and this week with the new Droid 2 .

Dell mentioned the upgrade for the Streak in a blog yesterday, along with purchase details for customers who registered for a pre-sale.

Pre-sale customers will have the ability to first order a Streak on Thursday, August 12, and online sales will be available to the general public on Friday.

The release at one point was going to be before the end of July, upsetting some customers .

One potential buyer addressed the delays, the price and the choice of AT&T over T-Mobile in one succinct comment on the Dell Commmunity page yesterday.

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