iPad copter fun to fly, steep learning curve

The four-fan AR.Drone wirelessly streams video back to the controlling device

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The biggest problem we ran into with the AR.Drone was the durability of the indoor hull during our initial testing phase. Being new to the toy, crashes are a near definite and can damage the hull. All of the pieces of the drone are replaceable and a special section of Parrot's website includes repair videos. Parrot said that, "The hull is first and foremost meant to protect the components of the AR.Drone such as the brushless motors, onboard processor and navigation board."


After becoming comfortable with the AR.Drone's controls and weathering some crashes, the helicopter is a fun toy to fly. Fractures in the indoor hull were frequent during the learning period, but the rest of the toy was quite durable. The success of this product will partly hinge on the developer community and what apps and games are created for it.

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