The Gamer's Halloween Party Guide

Five tips for throwing the best bash in October

By Ben PerLee, GamePro |  Personal Tech, Halloween, video games

Halloween is great, but trick-or-treating doesn't suit most adults -- that's why Martha Stewart invented Halloween parties. Read on for GamePro's guide to a video game-themed Halloween party.

Pumpkins: The easiest decoration

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If it wasn't for these bad boys, the best Halloween parties would just be horror themed costume parties. So like any dedicated gamer, what you need to do is grab yourself a couple of good pumpkins, some newspaper, a paring knife, a good-sized spoon, and a good idea of what you want. JJ Games has a great consolidation of some fantastic gaming related pumpkins, but many of them are very complex and entail scraping away the surface of the pumpkin so the carving glows through a translucent skin of not-cut-out-pumpkin rind. That's advanced work, especially if you spent too much time with a controller in your hand, so you might want to check out one of the guides floating around the net. We recommend How2Heroes.

Pumpkin 1: Pac Man

Probably the best place to start with pumpkin carving is a classic, easily-recognizable gaming icon like Pac-Man. All you have to do is cut most of a circle and neglect a pie-shaped piece to form the mouth. If you have the time and resources, a couple of ghosts shouldn't be a problem on the opposite side of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin 2: Super Mario Bros.

If you're ready to step up on the design side, another option is just about anything Nintendo-related. From 1-up mushrooms to Triforces and every Metroid in between, there's enough here to carve dozens of pumpkins, and most of it is easy shape-and-silhouette work. Sure, you can make something like this, this, or this, but when it comes to getting things together for a party, the simpler the design, the better.

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