Will Google shake up the e-book market?

Google is poised to enter the e-book market with Google Editions, but how appealing will its unique no-device/any-device model be to consumers?


One thing is certain, if Apple shook up the e-reader market with the iPad and its iBookstore (now accounting for 32% of e-book sales), Google's presence will do the same possibly seeming like a earthquake instead of just a shake up.

What do you think? Is Google going take over the e-book arena or are they missing the mark (in a similar way to how you could argue they missed the mark with Google TV)? If you use an e-reader, would you be tempted by Google Editions? Share your opinion in the comments.

Ryan Faas writes about personal technology for ITworld. Learn more about Faas' published works and training and consulting services at www.ryanfaas.com. Follow him on Twitter @ryanfaas.

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