Additional techie gifts to consider this holiday season

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The phone is full-featured, with big buttons (a personal favorite of mine), and good sound quality. There's a convenient one-touch button that enables an immediate 35 dB volume boost, useful in many settings, and even a tone (equalizer) control - wow! The Wrist Shaker works as advertised, but the Velcro strap isn't well designed - it's hard to get a good fit. Overall, though, while specialized, this product set has a lot of appeal. And, hey, Amplicom, how about a Bluetooth version of the Shaker? That would be a great gift for a much larger audience.

Cool Yule rating: 4 starsPrice: $139.95 for the PT500; $79.95 for the PT601 Wrist ShakerCompany Web siteReviewed by C. J. Mathias

BV-2322 Air SyncHD Wireless HDMI Bridge, by brite-ViewWe reviewed the little brother to the BV-2322 (the HDelight) for the initial 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, and the performance of that product was impressive except in the range department - link quality was quite sensitive to antenna orientation, and the HDelight seems likely to find a home only in PC-based (a USB connection is required) links that start and end in the same room. That's why we were so excited to the BV-2322, which promises significantly improved range and AC power on both ends, while still providing wireless 1080p service indistinguishable from a cable. The concept is the same as the HDelight, but the transmitter box is bigger.

We set up the BV-2322 between an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Ray player and a 1080p monitor - and that setup is a snap, by the way: connect the HDMI cables, power both units on and - that's it! We then played a little media, and the results were, well, just great; flawless, in fact. The big test was to extend the range and wow! That same flawless video, but straight up through two floors! I really was just blown away; this is an amazing product that I can't recommend highly enough.

If you (or someone you really like) have a need to run a long HDMI cable - think twice, and then get a BV-2322, which might be even cheaper than the corresponding HDMI cable, especially considering any installation required. This is an outstanding product that addresses an obvious need in so many home entertainment settings, and which will please both techies and non-techies alike.

Cool Yule rating: 5 stars (plus!)Price: $200 (direct)Company Web siteReviewed by C. J. Mathias

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