Have a very geeky Christmas; it's the tech time of the year

Behold the geekiest holiday decorations of them all

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The...um...computer wreath.

Yes, well. Here it is. The nerdiest decoration of them all (disagree? Please complain below). This is a wreath put together with old computer parts. SATA cables, hard disk pieces, memory, fans, motherboards...all attached to a plastic wreath. Mind you, this appears to be a one-off and has not hit mass production. There's probably a very good reason for that: who on this green earth would hang such a blantantly nerdy (not geeky...nerdy) piece like this on their door to advertise to the world that they played D&D and never went to the prom? That they could name all guest stars on ST:TOS? That they have comic books in mylar and categorized chronologically?

Other than me, that is.

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