Reviewers swoon over annoying Yahoo! TV plan

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Yahoo TV screenshot
Look, you can combine your Flickr page with a Major League Baseball game! Doesn't that sound like something you'd want to do?
Credit: Yahoo

The nice people at ReadWriteWeb are not generally crazy, so I'm kind of surprised to see them go so completely gaga over Yahoo! TV. Anytime anyone starts throwing around words like "paradigm shift" you know you're in trouble. They call it the "the first Internet TV device to bring passive and personalized Internet content to its users," which basically means you'll be getting the Web-style pop-ups that are so beloved by Internet users that every major browser contains provisions to block them. These pop-ups will include things polls about which characters on the show you're watching you like best and (we assume) lots and lots of ads.

Nobody will want to endure this for more than five minutes, which may explain why this is the third CES in a row where Yahoo has been talking this thing up. But maybe I'm wrong. Do you want a TV-viewing experience like VH-1's Pop-Up Videos, only more interactive? Sound off in the comments.

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