RIM's BlackBerry agenda: SharePoint and deeper enterprise integration

Company lays out technology road map for 2011 that banks on enterprises seeking enhanced integration with core systems and traditional controls

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RIM also previewed its PlayBook tablet, which it said would ship by April. The tablet features a seven-inch screen and runs its own operating system, the BlackBerry Tablet OS based on the QNX OS RIM acquired a year ago. Pricing will be competitive to other tablets, which typically sell for $600 to $900, RIM senior product manager Ryan Bidan said.

When tethered to a BlackBerry via Bluetooth, the PlayBook can access BES-enabled services, such as email and corporate apps. When not tethered, the PlayBook can access the Internet via Wi-Fi and run locally installed apps, but it cannot access BES-enabled services or be directly managed via BES, according to RIM. RIM had no details on ways to manage a PlayBook outside of a BES environment, such as for employees who are issued a tablet but not a smartphone or whose smartphone is not a BlackBerry.

(Additional reporting by InfoWorld Executive Editor Galen Gruman)

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