Love in the time of smartphones

Our smart little mobile friends can often be used to conduct various facets of our romantic lives.

By Ginny Mies, PC World |  Mobile & Wireless, smartphones

Here's a scary fact: The average user spends 79 minutes a day on their phone browsing the Web or using apps (source: AdMob). Who has time for love and meaningful relationships when there are Twitpics to post and Angry Birds levels to beat?

But it isn't exactly like that. Contrary to the popular belief that technology has destroyed meaningful human interaction, you can use your phone in lots of ways to meet and date new people or to improve your existing relationships. But be careful: Sometimes using your phone as a means to find love can work against you.

Text Messaging

Think about it--when arranging dinner plans for a date or with your partner or spouse, did you call or text them? Chances are you probably did most of the planning via text. Texting is certainly preferable if you're arranging a date with somebody you don't know very well. Let's face it: Phone calls are awkward, and it is less stressful to send out a 140-character message telling them where and when to meet you.

But texting can have some interesting implications for budding romances. For example, some people feel the need to text their love interests relentlessly. Whether it is mundane facts about their day or "Missin U" type texts, this person shows their affection through SMS.

So tread lightly: If you don't reply right away, they'll probably take it personally. If you're the type that doesn't like to text a lot (or still have a numerical keypad on your phone), you're going to have to gently explain that to them--or move on.

Dating Site Apps

Meeting people online was once thought of as taboo, desperate, and a little creepy. Thanks to those ubiquitous eHarmony commercials, we now know that normal, attractive-looking people also find love online. And these days, it is even easier to find your future partner on the Internet thanks to mobile versions of your favorite dating sites. Sites like OKCupid,, and Plentyoffish all have compatible mobile apps.

Basically, these apps are designed to give you access to the most-used features of the sites. For example, the OKCupid app alerts you whenever you have a new message, and it lets you browse matches and see who has been scoping you out. You also have access to the IM client within OKCupid.

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