Hands-on with the HP Palm Pre3

WebOS and 1.4GHz processor give Pre new shot at success

By Rosemary Hattersley, PC Advisor (UK) |  Personal Tech, Hewlett-Packard, Pre3

The HP stand here at Mobile World Congress has been overrun all week. HP is giving stand demonstrations of its TouchPad 10in tablet, announced only last week. As the biggest PC maker in the world, there's naturally an awful lot of interest in its take on a tablet device, even though it runs on neither Windows nor Android. Instead it takes the WebOS originally developed for the ill-starred Palm Pre.

HP is letting those lucky enough to secure a personal press demonstration get their hands on the HP TouchPad, however, and our first impressions were extremely favourable. The 9.7in display (the same size as the Apple iPad screen, which is also billed as a 10in tablet) is just the right size for comfortable viewing and bucks the widescreen trend of the Android tablet brigade. Nor is the screen prone to glare or overly bright. In other words, it lends itself well to prolonged viewer of detailed information and at-a-glance calendar and document viewing.The HP TouchPad is a more business-focused device than the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab or any number of other Android-based tablets on show here at Mobile World Congress and perhaps more like a laptop computer in the way it runs. The email app on the HP TouchPad supports several windows at once, so you can easily see your inbox, plus details of appointments and other related emails without having to manually expand the email trail or to switch to a threaded conversation view. For our indepth first-look review, see HP TouchPad review.

Palm Pre3 hands-on review

On the much smaller screen of the HP Palm Pre3, you instead get a unified inbox and searchable messages - a now standard feature on business-grade smartphones but one that Palm was first to introduce. The Pre3 email client works with Microsoft Exchange Server and supports direct push for Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other POP and Imap email applications.

Connectivity extends to Wi-Fi n as well as 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and an assisted GPS module for location services. The Pre3 also has a proximity sensor, accelerometer and compass. In addition, it can be used as a mobile hotspot thanks to support for up to five other devices.

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