Start a revolution with your personal tech

Your personal tech and Twitter account can be your best co-conspirators in planning a revolution.

By Patrick Miller and David Daw, PC World |  Personal Tech, gadgets, Social Networking

No matter how advanced these online tools get, you need to remember that the real source of a revolution are the people, and those people can get creative with whatever tools are at their disposal. For example, when a series of protests in 2008 almost brought the South Korean government to its knees and forced the resignation of the president's entire cabinet, where were these protests organized? The fan forums of a Korean boy band. Other activists are sending leaflets, DVDs, USB drives, and other information into North Korea--by balloon.

In addition, new tools are appearing online that aren't directly intended for revolution but could be a great help for the next Egypt or Libya to appear on the scene. Google recently released a set of tools including a crisis response page and crowd-sourced person and accommodation finders. These tools are intended for use helping victims of the recent Christchurch earthquake, but it's not hard to imagine similar tools being adapted to help unite family members in Libya or to help find shelter for people whose homes are destroyed in the conflict.

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Patrick Miller's revolution will not be televised. It might be covered on his Twitter or Facebook accounts, though.David Daw refuses to let the man keep him down. Even on his Twitter page.

Originally published on PC World |  Click here to read the original story.
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