Morning countdown: Angry Birds not the be-all of mobile computing (yet)

Plus: Why does Google want your Voice?


  1. Peter Smith: Lack of latest Angry Birds isn't a death knell for Windows Phone [ITworld]
  2. Australia won't let Chinese company build its broadband network [ITworld]
  3. Video chat still the wave of the future, not the present [ITworld]
  4. Which smartphone apps are the biggest data hogs? [ITworld]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Linux needs apps [ITworld]
  6. Dany Tynan: Facebook's non-privacy privacy policies [ITworld]
  7. Devs losing interest in Android [ITworld]
  8. Microsoft offers help porting iOS apps to Windows 8 [ITworld]
  9. Georgian government Website part of mysterious botnet [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: Why is Google so interested in your Voice? [ITworld]
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