Morning countdown: Did you suffer 'video death' in 1982?

Plus: More technology, fewer jobs?


  1. Nobody wants to maintain servers from the Megaupload case [ITworld]
  2. Irfan Khan: SAP taking on Oracle with HANA initiative [ITworld]
  3. Chris Nerney: Is Big Brother watching IT? [ITworld]
  4. Kevin Fogarty: U.S. soldiers make get contact lends heads-up display [ITworld]
  5. Firefox working on click-to-play feature [ITworld]
  6. Does more technology equal fewer jobs? [ITworld]
  7. Keith Shaw: 'Failure means video death' in arcades in 1982 [ITworld
  8. Windows Phone app submission overwhelming app store infrastructure [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Purdy: 'You can't break anything' is the iPad's secret [ITworld]
  10. Android phones still lose to BlackBerry on security [ITworld]
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