Whispercast turns Kindles into viable business tools

Whispercast gives businesses the ability to manage and deploy Kindles and Kindle content

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For some businesses, Whispercast could be a significant opportunity. Many businesses are either evaluating or deploying tablets like the Apple iPad to fill a similar role. If the primary need is the ability to provide employees with access to product marketing, training materials, or other documents while they're away from their desk, Kindle devices are substantially cheaper than more full-featured tablets. The fact that Amazon offers free Kindle apps for virtually every platform in use also means they may not need to invest in actual Kindle devices at all.

Signing up for Whispercast is free and easy. If you already have Kindle devices that are already registered under other Amazon accounts, you can contact whispercast-support@amazon.com or call 800-369-5661 to connect them with the Whispercast account.

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