6 tips for getting more from your Apple TV

By Jonathan Seff, Macworld |  Personal Tech, Apple TV

Best of all, anything that requires text entrysearching Netflix, entering passwords, and so onis much easier to accomplish using your iOS devices virtual keyboard than tediously selecting each character using your hardware remote and the onscreen keyboard you see on your TV.

The Remote app is by no means perfectit can sometimes be flaky and unresponsivebut its incredibly useful at certain times, and well worth keeping on your iOS devices to use as needed.

6. See the highest-quality video you can

Although they run the same software, the big difference between the second- and third-generation Apple TV models is that the third-gen model supports 1080p video resolution versus 720p on the previous gen. In order to see the difference, however, youll need to make sure youve set up your Apple TV accordingly.

First, navigate to Settings and go Audio & Video. Scroll to the bottom of the list to the TV Resolution entry. If you see 'Auto' next to it, you should be in good shape. But just to make sure, select TV Resolution and, under the picture of an Apple TV, youll see what the current TV resolution is'1080p HD - 60Hz', for example. If that looks right, youre good to go.

Second, go to Settings > iTunes Store and look in the Preferences section. Assuming you have a 1080p TV and sufficient bandwidth, Video Resolution should be set to 1080p HD, and HD Previews should be set to On.

Note that it does you no good to set the Apple TV to a resolution higher than your TV supports. For example, if your TV can produce only 720p video, dont configure the Apple TV for 1080p. In some cases, TVs get confused with these conflicting resolutions and will simply refuse to display images from the Apple TV at all.

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