Microsoft uses Siri voice in iPad attack ad

Will negative ad cause people to think about Windows 8 tablets?


Microsoft is going after Apple in a new video (posted on YouTube, but also likely to be seen soon on TV) comparing the iPad with Windows 8 tablets. Using the Siri voice found on the iPad, we hear "Siri" telling the user about the things that "she" can't do, compared with the Windows 8 tablet. There's also a new site dedicated to comparing tablets (with an obvious tilt towards Windows 8).

Going after the big dog in the space is nothing new - Samsung went after the iPhone (or, more directly, Apple users who wait in line for Apple products) in its "The Next Big Thing is Already Here" set of ads. While Microsoft has also done ads that were more positive for Windows 8 (dancing hipsters, anyone?), it's interesting that they're directly attacking Apple now.

Here's a second video that offers up direct comparison between Microsoft and Apple tablets, but without the Siri voice:

If you're an Apple fan, does the first ad irritate you? If you're on the fence on buying a tablet, do these comparisons make you consider Microsoft?

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