Blackberry Storm: Top 5 YouTube user reviews

By Mark Sullivan, PC World |  Personal Tech, blackberry storm

1. From a Bunker in the Suburbs

This young guy, "themacfan45", caught a lot of flak in comments on YouTube responding to his review of the BlackBerry Storm. But PC World has his back. Good review, my bespectacled friend, and keep 'em coming. Someday you may grow up to be a highly paid hot-shot tech journalist like me and David Pogue. Just lay off the cough syrup, okay? It might help with your delivery.

Honorable Mention/Editor's Choice:

"It's Not Doing Nothing"

YouTuber "saifshaya" gives props to the Storm's high-resolution screen and camera, but he thinks that the Storm is still buggy and slow at software version 65. His grammatically well-informed friend yelling in the background seems to disagree, and a third critic limits her contribution to sporadic giggling.

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