Slideshow: Car Tech at CES

Car tech at CES used to mean big boom boxes and bigger boom boxes, but these days it's all about TV, GPS, and communicating digitally without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

By Yardena Arar, PC World |  Personal Tech, automotive, slideshow

Nextar's Solar-Powered Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakers

What could be more politically correct than a hands-free kit for talking on a cell phone when you drive? This: A kit that can recharge using solar power. Nextar is introducing two: The $70 NXBT-002, shown, is rated at 150 hours of standby and 6 hours talk time when fully charged; it features caller name and ID on a super-bright screen. The NXBT-1 offers 250 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time (but doesn't do the caller name/ID trick).

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