Slideshow: Car Tech at CES

Car tech at CES used to mean big boom boxes and bigger boom boxes, but these days it's all about TV, GPS, and communicating digitally without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

By Yardena Arar, PC World |  Personal Tech, automotive, slideshow

Garmin Updates High-End Nuvi Line

Garmin's CES announcements included the $800 Nuvi 885T, with speech recognition, lane assist (detailed guidance on freeways) with junction view, and Doppler weather maps and flight status information on top of existing MSN Direct content (traffic, movie schedules, gas prices, basic weather, local events, stock quotes, news, and support for Web data entry). MSN Direct uses radio airwaves to deliver data to a range of devices. Also available: the $700 Nuvi 855, which has the same on-board features but lacks Bluetooth and MSN Direct support.

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