Best Smartphones for Under $100

Whether you're a social networker, a business executive, or a multimedia addict, there's a wallet-friendly smartphone for you.

By Ginny Mies, PC World |  Personal Tech, BlackBerry, iPhone

No need to pay big bucks for a high-quality, full-featured smartphone. We’ve rounded up the best inexpensive models across the four major carriers. Whether you're a social networker, a business executive, or a multimedia addict, there’s a wallet-friendly smartphone for you.

Nokia E71x ($100 with a two-year AT&T contract)

The unlocked Nokia E71 wowed us with its sleek design and its various business and entertainment features. The $500 price tag, however, wasn’t as impressive. Thankfully, AT&T is now offering the Nokia E71 under a slightly new name, the E71x, and for a much more attractive price.

This candy-bar phone is remarkably slim at 0.4 inch thick, and it fits as easily in your hand as it does in your pocket. Nokia made the sometimes confusing Symbian S60 platform more user-friendly by including customizable shortcut keys and a standby screen. A Switch mode allows you to create two separate standby screens to accommodate the business and personal sectors of your life. The free Nokia Exchange client synchronizes your phone with push e-mail, contacts, and calendar appointments from Microsoft Exchange.

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