Holiday gift ideas: home and office gear

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Hug Light by MyLight

You can just picture how the Hug Light was invented. There's a guy on a ladder, in the dark, holding a flashlight, trying to accomplish some type of chore. All of a sudden he drops the flashlight and mutters, "Damn. Why isn't there a flashlight that I can just wrap around the back of my neck?"

Well, now there is. The Hug Light is made of twisty wire so you can shape it however you want. The LED lights are at each end of the bright green, foot-long device. Each end has two lights, kind of like your car. You can use the Hug Light with just your regular lights (one LED per side), or with the brights (both LEDs on both sides.) The Hug Light is perfect for all those jobs where holding a flashlight slows you down (picture yourself under the sink or under the hood.) It's also great if you take early morning or late evening walks and want to make sure you're spotted by cars.

It's a perfect stocking stuffer if you need some extra light in dark places and you're also holding tools -- like trying to fix or connect something on the desktop under the desk.


Cool Yule Rating: 3 stars
Price: $14.95
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Reviewed by Neal Weinberg

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