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  • Best Buy Taking Pre-Orders for Blackberry Storm

    Posted November 7, 2008 - 11:17 am

    You don't have to wait for an official release date or price to reserve your BlackBerry Storm. Best Buy is now accepting pre-orders for BlackBerry's potential iPhone killer.
  • Apple overtakes RIM, Microsoft in smartphones

    Posted November 7, 2008 - 10:44 am

    Nokia topped a smartphone shipment survey in the third quarter, but Apple edged out RIM for second place.
  • Homemade iPhone robot is more than meets the eye

    Posted November 6, 2008 - 3:45 pm

    Surefire genius. One creative Japanese iPhone owner rigged the iPhone on a wheeled platform, controllable from his MacBook Pro via Wi-Fi.
  • BlackBerry Storm Makes An Appearance - Again

    Posted November 6, 2008 - 3:23 pm

    All eyes are now on Research In Motion's forthcoming BlackBerry Storm which is due to be released sometime this month.
  • Sprint Broadcasts NFL Games on Cell Phones

    Posted November 6, 2008 - 3:12 pm

    Now, you can watch the punts from the pews: Sprint will be broadcasting NFL games on phones that support the carrier's TV service.
  • BlackBerry: Enable/Disable Call Forwarding

    Posted November 6, 2008 - 11:13 am

    How to enable call forwarding on your BlackBerry so you can receive all your mobile phone calls on another line.
  • A jailbreak for Google's Android

    Posted November 5, 2008 - 9:41 pm

    Hackers have found a way to get root access to a G1 Android mobile phone.
  • BlackBerry Bold: Just a Name

    Posted November 5, 2008 - 4:39 pm

    The long awaited (read: delayed) Blackberry Bold went on sale Tuesday from AT&T, but I've been testing one of these phones for three weeks now. And, while RIM's toy is certainly shiny, overall, I'm just not that impressed
  • Four Reasons Why You Should Care About White Space

    Posted November 5, 2008 - 4:36 pm

    When the television broadcast spectrum turns digital in February, a massive amount of unused "white space" will open up, making way for a multitude of new opportunities for consumers and manufacturers.
  • Great digital cameras for less than $250

    Posted November 5, 2008 - 2:33 pm

    Which digital cameras provide the best bang for your buck? That's an important question in these tight times; and to help answer it, we've rounded up some of the best compact and ultracompact cameras that $250 can buy.
  • When Apple failed

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 10:15 pm

    Apple hasn't always been a nonstop cool machine. Here are 10 products that prove it.
  • Nokia introduces phones and content targeted at rural users

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 10:52 am

    Nokia is launching new phones and a content service for emerging markets.
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia sales slowed by manufacturing delays

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 9:24 am

    Manufacturing delays mean Sony Ericsson isn't shipping as many units of the Xperia X1, its flagship Windows Mobile phone, as originally planned.
  • Apple may cut iPhone 3G production by 40 percent

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 9:15 am

    Analyst's prediction that Apple will cut iPhone production by 40 percent draws flak.
  • Nintendo's Miyamoto on Wii Music

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 9:09 am

    Nintendo doesn't announce anything until the launch has been decided. So rest assured, we are working on the titles that will cater to those needs. When it comes to those titles that's the area that Nintendo will show its best ability but we're not able to make certain announcements on launch timing but please look forward to them. Unfortunately I cannot promise you which titles we are going to announce.
  • iPod meets vacuum tubes in new audio system

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 9:00 am

    A Tokyo company has combined a digital audio system with a vacuum-tube amplifier and plans to sell it next year.
  • Nintendo sells just over 170,000 DSi units at launch

    Posted November 4, 2008 - 8:52 am

    Sales of Nintendo's DSi, the latest revision to its handhand gaming device, totaled 170,779 units during its first two days on sale, said Enterbrain.
  • Carrier-Subsidized Mini-Laptops

    Posted November 3, 2008 - 12:10 pm

    While my precognition skills aren't perfect (I have yet to win a Lottery), I certainly agree with the skills shown by Mike Elgan in his ComputerWorld article “Why Netbooks Will Soon Cost $99.” It first ran on Halloween, so will this be trick or treat?
  • Apple censors iTunes store overzealously

    Posted November 3, 2008 - 11:55 am

    With a family audience in mind but some decidedly raunchy content available, Apple is probably smart to censor some of the names of bands in its iTunes store -- but there's such a thing as overdoing it.
  • I need a 'wallet phone' why?

    Posted October 31, 2008 - 3:15 pm

    MasterCard just announced a new service for banks that will supposedly make it easier for them to begin providing wallet phone technology to their customers. There was talk of this move possibly being a tipping point for wallet phone evolution, which until now has been as slow as, well, evolution. I can wait.
  • Review

    Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero, Round 2

    Posted October 31, 2008 - 12:16 pm

    You wanna rock. Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour battle of the bands.
  • More Sony Laptop Battery Stupidity

    Posted October 31, 2008 - 10:59 am

    Some companies seem plagued by idiot vice presidents and can never recover from major screw ups, such as Sony and their laptop batteries. Well, these companies recover in a way, since they don't go out of business or their executives get sent to jail, but they don't fix their decision making processes that caused the first blunder, so they keep blundering along.
  • Low-income users latch on to iPhone

    Posted October 30, 2008 - 8:35 pm

    Lower-income U.S. consumers are flocking to Apple's iPhone, sending an early signal that smartphones are changing from a luxury to a necessity, according to research company ComScore Mobile.
  • AT&T gives iPhone owners free Wi-Fi ... really, this time

    Posted October 30, 2008 - 4:47 pm

    After several false starts earlier this year, AT&T Inc. Thursday rolled out unlimited free wireless access for iPhone users.
  • New Android apps a mixed bag, should improve

    Posted October 30, 2008 - 4:47 pm

    Some of the new applications loaded to the Android Market since it opened on Monday don't work very well, crash the phone, aren't particularly elegant and in one case, uses commands written in Chinese. But analysts say the good will start to outweigh the bad.
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