Phil Laplante and Tom Costello

Phil Laplante and Tom Costello

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Bio: Phil Laplante is a Professor of Software Engineering at Penn State University and the founder and director of the CIO Institute, a six-year old community of practice for CIOs in the Greater Philadelphia Metro Area. His unique perspective helps him make cutting edge research accessible to IT professionals and executives. Learn more about him at Mr. Costello is the CEO of UpStreme, Inc. a Philadelphia based business technology consultancy. With over 35 years of IT experiences, he has lived through a wide array of business/IT challenges and solutions. He is the co-author of CIO Wisdom II (Prentice-Hall) and has published numerous articles on technology implementation. He is an active member of various boards and advisory groups for private sector firms, public sector agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions. For more information, feel free to check out

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