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  • Geek 101: LCD and Plasma Basics

    Posted May 13, 2010 - 10:26 am

    If you've gone shopping for a new PC or HDTV, you've probably seen a dizzying array of display-technology terms bandied about in the fine-print specs listings on store shelves. You may have asked yourself, "What do these terms mean? Does any of it really matter?" We hear you. Here's our no-nonsense guide to what these specs mean, what you need to know about them, and what you should be looking out for.
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    Panasonic TH-50PZ850U 50-Inch HDTV

    Posted April 20, 2009 - 4:50 pm

    The Panasonic TH-50PZ850U is a pretty good value, especially in view of its generous array of extra features. Not only can it display your pictures and run your videos off its SD card slot, but you can plug it into an ethernet connection and enjoy Internet video. This set also does an adequate, though not extraordinary, job displaying movies and TV shows. And at US$1700 street (as of April 16, 2009), this plasma HDTV is reasonably inexpensive for a 50-inch set.
  • Two major TV manufacturers drop plasma even as sales boom

    Posted February 15, 2009 - 11:25 am

    Two TV manufacturers, representing both ends of the price spectrum, have dropped out of the gas plasma TV business.
  • Technology for the Obscenely Wealthy

    Posted December 10, 2008 - 5:08 pm

    You don't want to throw ridiculous amounts of money at diamond-encrusted cell phones or gold-plated MP3 players. But you very well may want to throw ridiculous amounts of money at products that offer really cool technology and design. Get out your credit cards because here we go.
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    HDTV Buying Guide 2008

    Posted November 26, 2008 - 2:30 pm

    For this comprehensive roundup of large high-definition televisions, we looked at 13 new HDTVs and reappraised a bunch of older models across three basic size categories: 42 inches, 46 to 47 inches, and 50 to 52 inches. Ultimately, three newcomers captured Best Buys: the 42-inch LG 42PG25, the 46-inch Samsung LN46A650, and the 50-inch Samsung PN50A760.
  • How to Buy a Flat-Screen HDTV

    Posted November 20, 2008 - 11:47 am

    Before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on the wrong flat-panel HDTV, read our comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know. Our advice might just help you save some money.
  • Flexible 125-inch plasma display coming in 2009

    Posted October 30, 2008 - 11:30 am

    A Japanese display start-up is well on the way to commercializing a 3-meter wide flexible plasma display and expects the first models to appear next year. (see video demo)
  • LG puts Bluetooth into new LCD, plasma TV sets

    Posted August 27, 2008 - 4:26 pm

    LG Electronics is on the verge of launching a new range of LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma TV sets in Europe that feature Bluetooth wireless networking, the company said Wednesday at the IFA electronics show in Berlin.

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