Paul McFedries

Paul McFedries

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Bio: Paul McFedries is a full-time technical writer who has worked with computers in one form or another since 1975 and has used Windows since version 1 was foisted upon an unsuspecting (and underwhelmed) world in the mid-1980s. He is the author of more than 60 computer books that have sold more than three million copies worldwide. His recent titles include the Sams Publishing books 'Windows Vista Unleashed' and 'Windows Home Server Unleashed' and the Que Publishing books 'Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista', 'Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Excel 2007', 'Tricks of the Microsoft Office 2007 Gurus', and 'Microsoft Access 2007 Forms, Reports, and Queries'. Please visit Paul's website at Paul is also the proprietor of Word Spy ( a website devoted to tracking new words and phrases as they enter the English language.

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