CDW says Adaptec is a 'gem'


Adaptec is one of those companies that makes products we can't live without, but rarely read about. So let's give Adaptec a shout-out. Reseller giant CDW is adding Adaptec to its Sapphire Partner Program. The CDW program takes a proactive approach to embracing breakout technologies and the companies that offer them.

Adaptec is working with CDW managers to provide detail and support relating to product and market benefits with Adaptec's Unified Serial RAID controllers and Snap Server appliances as value add.

Through the program, Adaptec provides enterprise and integrator customers with entry-level and high-performance Unified Serial (SATA/SAS) RAID controllers, with the aim of enabling them to enhance the performance, scalability and reliability of their storage solutions.

CDW designed the Sapphire Partner Program to increase customer access to new technologies, allowing CDW to stay on the leading edge of product life cycles.

Adaptec's RAID controllers are designed for high-capacity SATA disk drives and high-performance SAS drives across existing networks or within a single system. They support multiple operating systems including Windows, VMWare, Linux, UnixWare, FreeBSD, OpenServer, and Sun Solaris.

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