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SolidWorks talks about what’s next in 3D design

Simulation, parallel development, built-in collaboration and 3D printing help further streamline product development.

IBM Watson

How IBM’s Watson could change your business

Watson Group Chief Mike Rhodin talks about how IBM’s cognitive computing tech is rolling out to enterprises, developers and end users.

AT&T's Thaddeus Arroyo: Tech will transform customer engagement

The telecom's top IT exec hopes to move 80% of customer interactions to digital channels by 2020.

efficiency ups

How UPS uses analytics to drive down costs (and no, it doesn’t call it big data)

When you have an organization the size of UPS, every single little bit of efficiency that can be squeezed out of daily operations translates into a big deal.

HP talks cloud delivery options, the importance of OpenStack, how it competes on price

An in-depth conversation with Bill Hilf, Senior Vice President of Product and Service Management for HP Cloud, about where Helion fits in, cloud consumption models and coming change.

Fidelity's top IT exec sees potential in A.I.

For several years, Stephen Neff, enterprise CTO at Fidelity Investments, has been focusing on the cloud, social tools and mobile. Now he's turning his attention to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, gamification...

cio tomorrow

How to be the CIO of tomorrow

What does the future CIO look like? He or she probably won’t have a technology background. However, this new kind of CIO will not only have to lead a technical staff but will also be a leader of leaders in the boardroom.

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COPE offers IT and workers an alternative to BYOD

Some CIOs are opting for a Company Owned, Personally Enabled approach to managing mobile devices in the enterprise.

Palo Alto says its new endpoint protection tool can stop the bad stuff in its tracks

The problem with signature based security tools is you are vulnerable until the signature is released and distributed. Palo Alto takes a different approach with Traps.

STEM skills and female information technology (IT) professionals

How automation could take your skills -- and your job

A new book by Nicholas Carr should give IT managers pause about the rush to automation.

Hurricane Gonzalo

Hurricane fails to stir Bacardi's business continuity plan

Bacardi was ready for Gonzalo when it hit.

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A CFO's view of consumer data

Big data and 'second screens' have transformed media buying, says Greg Walsh, CFO of IPG Mediabrands.

internet privacy

You are responsible for your own Internet privacy

Stan Stahl knows about the shady world of high-tech security and false privacy. Stahl helped secure teleconferencing at the White house and the communications network controlling the country's nuclear weapons arsenal. Here, Stahl...

apple pay mcdonalds drive thru

McDonald's CIO on why it's supporting Apple Pay on launch day

In an exclusive interview, McDonald's U.S. CIO talks about why the fast-food giant chose to support Apple's new contactless payment technology out of the gate and how it built on its experience with Google Wallet to help make Apple...

VMware's Casado talks about evolving SDN use cases, including a prominent role for security

The company's Networking and Security Business Unit is taking off, reaching $100m in just nine months.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott on why Concur is worth $8.3 billion

SAP's announcement that it will pay US$8.3 billion to buy business-travel and expense software vendor Concur might have generated less initial buzz than the companies hoped, given it was almost simultaneous with the revelation that...

Will the iPhone 6 drive some manufacturers out of the Android market?

The iPhone 6 may drive some manufacturers out of the Android market. Plus: How you can run Android apps in Ubuntu, and read a review of Sony's Xperia Z3 Android phone.

OpenDaylight Executive Director spells out where this open source SDN efforts stands

OpenDaylight is a Linux Foundation Collaborative project that is building an Open Source SDN controller. Neela Jacques, who joined the OpenDaylight project last November as Executive Director, catches us up on how the effort is going....

Will Apple Pay take off (and take down BYOD)?

Lofty promises of a mobile electronic wallet have been around for a decade, only to crash down to earth as consumers continue to stick with the venerable plastic credit-card swipe. Will the newly unveiled Apple Pay be any different?...

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