byod christmas
Stop sign with the words Collaborate and Listen painted on it

byod around the world globe mobile

Around the world with BYOD

More than half of employees across the global bring a mobile device to work. However, when you look at individual countries, the results vary wildly in terms of ownership and adoption -- surprisingly, some tech-loving countries are...

Xbox Live Gold Free Trial with Doritos Purchase Floor Display

Why your app should offer a free trial

New research shows that, in theory, alternative app pricing schemes, such as pay-per-use and free trial periods, could make both consumers and producers happier

A fly using a walker

Superbugs: 10 software bugs that took way too long to meet their maker

All software has bugs, but even the most well known applications can have errors and vulnerabilities that somehow go undetected for years

big data in the cloud

Enterprises moving big data workloads to public cloud

More than half of large enterprises are either already using public cloud resources for their big data analytic needs or plan to do so, according to a report by Gigaom Research.

AMD Opteron 6282SE multicore processor

Why Threading Building Blocks are the best multicore programming solution

A new evaluation of popular parallel programming languages finds that the C++ library provides the best combination of usability and performance

windows 10 registry hack

Be warned: Windows 10 registry hack doesn’t deliver

A registry hack promising rapid Windows 10 Tech Preview updates is circling the web. Problem is -- it doesn't work.

Ants biting the underside of leaves as a result of infection by O. unilateralis., the zombie fungus

Need to improve your network security? Try studying fungus

New research argues that IT security professionals should look to nature for inspiration in fighting intruders

drowning cmo

CMOs in over their heads with technology (and CIOs aren’t helping)

While CMOs drown in a sea of new digital marketing technology products and services, CIOs are noticeably not coming to the rescue.

risky business cmo cio

It’s risky business when CMOs tackle tech alone

Marketing executives who think they should make technology decisions without the CIO are gambling that nothing will go wrong, says Forrester.

CIO and CMO at omnichannel crossroads

To determine the state of CIO/CMO relationship, global engineering software firm EPAM teamed up with industry leaders from CIO and The CMO Club to survey a combined group of more than 400 CIOs and CMOs.

Shadow IT spend rising

A new report confirms what many in the IT sector have suspected – tech spending outside the IT department of Australian companies is increasing.

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