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Internet of Things connections to quadruple by 2020

A new report by Verizon predicts that the Internet of Things is poised to transform virtually every major market sector, growing to more than 5.4 billion connections by 2020.

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Chart-topping hits from when 10 popular technologies were born

The #1 song when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone? Why, "Irreplaceable," of course.

A Six Million Dollar Man action figure.

Study finds that refactoring doesn’t improve code quality

New research finds that, contrary to popular belief, restructuring software code to be more maintainable and efficient may not be worth the time and effort

tech spending to rise

CIOs report that spending is on the rise

IT leaders expect to see bigger technology budgets in the coming year, according to CIO’s most recent Tech Poll. However, while spending in key areas is up, CIOs aren't buying into all the buzz-worthy trends.

customer experience

Digital marketers must own the customer lifecycle

Marketers have traditionally been focused on the front-end of the customer relationship -- things like brand awareness and lead generation. But in today’s digital world, marketers can't simply hand over that relationship to the sales...

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Study shows programmers are using goto responsibly

New research finds that C developers aren’t creating spaghetti code with gotos, which would make Edsger Dijkstra happy.

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Your code is far more chaff than wheat

New research finds that the core functionality of a program is encapsulated by just a small fraction of its code.

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What retailers think of mobile marketing

More than half of large retailers say mobile is their top priority, so why aren’t they investing more?

Mobile marketing apps

Mobile marketing means much more than apps

Most marketers are rushing to deliver mobile apps, but the mobile Web remains one of the most effective channels for sales and customer engagement.

A woman dressed for very cold weather working on a laptop in a tent

13 of the strangest places developers have written code

Proving that you really can work from anywhere, here are some of the most unusual places software developers have found themselves programming.

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Where are the marketing dollars going?

Marketing budgets are on the rise thanks, at least in part, to digital technologies. However, where marketers are investing their dollars isn't as clear.

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Why marketers don't understand marketing automation

Not only are marketing professionals not investing in marketing automation technology, nearly half of them don’t even know what it is, according to a recent survey.

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CSI Computer Science: Your coding style can give you away

New research shows that programmers have ways of writing code which are almost as unique as fingerprints.

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CEOs have rosier view of data initiatives than rest of management

A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit reports hat CEOs tend to have a much more positive view of the current status and benefits of data initiatives than lower-level management in their organizations.

money laundering

How big data analytics can help track money laundering

Criminal and terrorist organizations are increasingly relying on international trade to hide the flow of illicit funds across borders. Big data analytics may be the key to tracking these financial flows.

wearables workers

Workers want employers to hand out wearables

Nine out of 10 white-collar employees want their company to provide a wearable device, such as a smart watch, but it is for function or prestige?

Mind the Gap painted on a train platform

Minding the confidence gap: How 16 top computer science programs measure up

The difference in self-confidence between male and female computer science students can vary significantly across the leading departments

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If this then that: 9 programing skills and the jobs they could lead to

Not all programming skills are created equally; some will make you more attractive for some (possibly non-developer) jobs than others, as a new analysis of tech job listings shows.

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