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Summit Strategies examines the current and future states of the virtualization and provisioning industry in The Virtualization Ecosystem Race: What the Leaders are Doing and Why and how vendors are positioning themselves. This excerpt describes some of the elements that make up a unified virtualization ecosystem. Get the full report here.

51% of respondents plan to evaluate storage virtualization solutions over the next three years and 56% of respondents will evaluate server virtualization, according to a recent Summit Strategies survey.



Building a Unified Virtualization Ecosystem
What constitutes a complete "virtualization ecosystem"? Before embarking on this discussion, let's first start with a common lexicon (see Figure 1).

Virtualization is about the creation of logical representations of physical devices (for instance, making local disk drives or a server farm appear as a single
device - or making multiple virtual servers within a single computer look like a
common resource pool). By virtualizing an information systems environment, IT buyers hope to achieve improved utilization of systems and storage, higher resource availability and reduced operating costs.

Figure 1

Defining the Terms Behind Virtualization Ecosystems
Virtualization: Virtualization simply means the creation of logical representations of physical resources. For instance, dozens of servers or storage devices can be represented as one big
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