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White Paper | Presented by Bluewolf

How the Best IT Teams Use Salesforce

How do the top companies get the most out of Salesforce? Based on data collected from over 1,500 Salesforce customers, this report is focused on how the best IT teams are using Salesforce now.

White Paper | Presented by Wiredrive

From Idea to Screen: How to Simplify the Rich Media File Lifecycle

Video is more powerful than ever, but the challenge lies in gaining control over creation, production, and distribution. The time has come for a single cloud-based platform that automates time-consuming and costly tasks, simplifies workflows, and enables rapid asset delivery.

eGuide: Content Delivery Networks in the Cloud World

In this eGuide, InfoWorld and Network World present some fixes needed to get the network ready for the IoT revolution, what to consider as organizations shift more business-critical applications to the cloud, how personalized online content is changing internet performance requirements, the importance of your website or online content being reachable and more.

White Paper | Presented by Avaya

Customer Engagement: From Interactions to Relationships

Improving customer experiences has replaced operational efficiency gains as the top objective in customer care executives' agendas. This Aberdeen report details how "best-in-class" firms are achieving greater customer retention and annual growth as a result. Discover more in the report now.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Unisys

Productivity as a Service

This webinar will discuss how to utilize the five key technologies of mobility, cloud, collaboration, enterprise social, and business intelligence to deliver a platform that delivers a set of disruptive solutions to the status quo that can create important competitive advantage.

White Paper | Presented by Dimension Data

Enabling Transformation to a Digital Enterprise

As enterprise organizations move to adopt digitization, leveraging technologies of the Third Platform, the impact on enterprise networks will be profound as they contend with balancing business and technology forces. More importantly enterprises have concerns with supporting and managing new architectural models and operating practices that new IT workloads require.

5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving the Store of the Future

This whitepaper outlines the 5 key benefits of a winning mobile app strategy, and new ways retailers can effectively leverage mobile technology as a competitive advantage.

White Paper | Presented by RES Software

4 Desktop Disruptions: The Computing Workspace As We Know It Will Never Be The Same

As organizations strategize to best support their dynamic workforce, there are some important technologies trends that IT should have on their radar so projects don't sneak up on them. Learn how IT can prepare for Windows 10, Office 365 and more.

White Paper | Presented by RES Software

Five Important Truths about Digital Workspaces in a Dangerous World

Work today is increasingly digital. Business performance is therefore largely contingent upon enabling the digital workforce, which, in addition to employees, may also include contractors, suppliers, and part-time or seasonal workers.

White Paper | Presented by RES Software

IT Security isn't about things, it's about people

Traditionally, IT security policies and practices always followed technological progress and the ever-changing nature of threats, responding and adapting with appropriate sophistication to meet new challenges.

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