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eBook | Presented by SafeNet Inc.

6 Vulnerabilities of the Retail Payment Ecosystem

74% of IT and security professionals are looking for solutions that support compliance and security as most of them are currently struggling to audit their current IT estates.

Acer in Business: Proven Solutions for Professional Demands

Whether your workforce requires high-tech mobility, powerful desktops to streamline efficiency, or competent tools for viewing and projecting, you'll find your solution in Acer notebooks, desktops, servers, monitors, and projectors.

White Paper | Presented by Equinix

How Network Connections Drive Web Application Performance

Users around the globe, on all sorts of devices, expect Web applications to function as seamlessly as desktop applications. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions for effectively delivering applications in today's global marketplace.

White Paper | Presented by Equinix

Meeting the Big Data Challenge: Get Close, Get Connected

Big Data can be a key tool in gaining a competitive advantage-allowing businesses to better understand and target their customers and transform their processes.

White Paper | Presented by Equinix

Quality in the Cloud: Best Practices for ISVs

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) looking to enter the cloud market must exercise due diligence in choosing a hosting company, or risk quality of service. This GigaOm report offers ISVs guidance...

White Paper | Presented by Equinix

Scaling SaaS Delivery for Long-Term Success

This paper provides recommendations for SaaS executives on using the cloud to increase market share and retaining their customers amid a growing number of consumer options.

White Paper | Presented by SafeNet Inc.

The Challenges of Cloud Information Governance: A Global Data Security Study Ponemon Institute: October 2014

The purpose of this research is to focus on how organizations are putting confidential information at risk in the cloud because of the lack of appropriate governance policies and security practices.

White Paper | Presented by SafeNet Inc.

The Complete Threat: Why the Largest Organizations May Not Be Keeping Up

Large organizations are responding to growing data breach threats within their corporate boundaries by expanding authentication and encryption protection.

White Paper | Presented by Kinvey

2014 State of Enterprise Mobility Survey

We surveyed 100 CIOs and 100 mobile leaders, asking them to explain their goals with mobile and identify the pain points they've been facing when building mobile apps.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Analyzing the Economic Value of RHELOSP and Red Hat Storage for Private Clouds

This ESG research report compares two approaches to implementing a private cloud platform in an open source Linux environment. Find out which solutions offers the best return on investment and can help to manage your storage.

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