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Desktop virtualization review: VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VirtualBox

VMware Workstation 11 has the edge in performance and polish, while VirtualBox 2.3.20 leads in platform support and price

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Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac

If you've ever felt the pain of accidentally copying over something important on your clipboard, you need a clipboard manager. We round up the top options for this essential Mac utility, including launchers that serve double-duty.

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3 new tools that can detect hidden malware

We tested new security appliances from Damballa, Lancope and LightCyber that are designed to detect the latest cyber-attacks.

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New weapons offer hope against advanced cyber-attacks

Traffic monitoring tools from Damballa, Lanscope, LightCyber can detect hidden malware.

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Raspberry Pi 2 review: The revolutionary $35 micro-PC, supercharged

The Raspberry Pi 2 bears a strong resemblance to its forefathers, but with fewer design headaches and dramatically improved performance.


Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming, 2nd Edition

Marijn Haverbeke no starch press 2015 Want to learn one of the primary languages of the web? JavaScript might be just an excellent choice and Eloquent JavaScript just might be the best route to proficiency with this language....


Two OSes in one: DuOS-M puts Android on your Windows device

Want to run Android apps on a Windows tablet or PC? Nothing easier with DuOS-M, a new application that lets you run a complete version of Android without any muss or fuss.

HP Moonshot System

HP Moonshot review: Cartridge-based, hyperscale computing system is flexible, manageable, amazing

Moonshot brings significant server power and high efficiency to a variety of workloads.

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Windows 10 preview for smartphones is off to a slow start

The newly released Windows 10 TP holds a few worthwhile improvements and one example of a universal app


DiskWarrior 5 review: The most essential drive maintenance and repair tool gets even better

Those frustrated with DiskWarrior's inability to deal with large volumes can now rejoice. DiskWarrior 5 goes 64-bit and adds new (and welcome) features.

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The four best lock screens for your Android phone

Bring better notifications, beautiful imagery, and other personalized tweaks to your device with these custom lock screens.

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Keeping the bad guys out with fail2ban

Using fail2ban to dynamically block attackers


Here's the best free iOS scanner app of all time

Throw away your scanner and scanning software, I've just come across what may be the best free iOS scanner app you can get. And it does more than just scanning, including storing documents in cloud-based storage, converting them into...

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Dell XPS 13 vs. MacBook Air: A closer look at battery life

Dell's XPS 13 can't really be a MacBook slayer unless it can compete with the legendary battery life of the Air. We test both to find the truth.

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4 open-source monitoring tools that deserve a look

Zabbix edges Icinga in test of open source network monitoring software packages.

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Best open source network monitoring tools

Cacti, Icinga, Zabbix and Observium are all capable network monitoring tools. Beyond the basics, there are quite a few differences in terms of features, granularity and configuration options.

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How to keep track of all your passwords

It is safe to say these password managers would discourage you from using 123456 or password as your actual password.

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Tintri VMstore review: Fast as flash, cheap as disk

Tintri's hybrid array delivers superfast storage and supersimple storage management for virtual machines.

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