best nas boxes small business 1
best nas boxes small business 1


How Software Works

How Software Works: The Magic Behind Encryption, CGI, Search Engines, and Other Everyday Technologies by V. Anton Spraul gives a surprisingly lucid view of how some of the key technologies that we use today perform the "magic" tricks...


Hands-on: LG V10

LG’s new phablet smartphone offers a few new creativity-focused features.


Hands on with the new iPhone 6S Plus

Computerworld's Michael deAgonia tries out the iPhone 6S Plus's new 3D touch, live pictures and touch ID features.

windows 10 laptop

Review: The best 13-inch laptops for Windows 10

Laptops and convertibles from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft square off in our performance, workability, and battery tests.

macbook el capitan

OS X El Capitan review: Mac upgrade that's as solid as a rock

Lots of new features in Apple's latest version of OS X. Upgrade and get an improved Mac. It’s really that simple.


Hardcore Hardware: Digital Storm Bolt 3

Is beauty worth more than expansion? If so, you'll want to see Digital Storm's latest Bolt 3 that so elegant, you'll want to put it on display.

windows 10 quirky features 1

6 quirky features of Windows 10

Issues with new featuresBy most measures, Windows 10 is a huge improvement over Windows 8 and 8.1, and it’s a very worthwhile upgrade from Windows 7. But, of course, no new OS is perfect upon launch. Here are 6 issues with some of...

apple windows

Review: Parallels 11 delivers seamless Windows/Mac integration

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac uses virtualization to run Windows 10 on Apple hardware.

mobile apps and touch screen

Review: RethinkDB rethinks real-time Web apps

RethinkDB's NoSQL document store delivers high-speed change notifications for super-responsive apps


Review: Ford's SYNC 3

Computerworld's Lucas Mearian shows off features and highlights of the 2016 Ford Escape with the new QNX-based SYNC 3 in-vehicle infotainment system.

apple watch watchos 2

Review: WatchOS 2 offers timely (and needed) tweaks

Apple has finally introduced watchOS2, an OS update for its Watch that delivers new watch faces and new features like Time Travel and Nightstand mode.


Video review: Moto X Pure Edition

Motorola’s latest flagship, a plus-sized edition of the popular Moto X, sells for a “crazy good” price. Computerworld's Android Power blogger JR Raphael shows off features and highlights of the new smartphone.

moto x style black front back  1

Moto X Pure Edition review: A clever phone with a killer price

Motorola's new Moto X Pure Edition flagship phone has a lot of compelling qualities -- and considerable bang for the buck. But it's not perfect.

tracking email @ sign

Review: 6 Chrome extensions let you track your Gmail

Want to know if that important email was actually read -- or ignored? These six Chrome extensions let you track your Gmail.

bossies 2015 data center cloud

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source data center and cloud software

Our top picks of the year in open source platforms, infrastructure, management, and orchestration software

bossies 2015 app dev

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source application development tools

Our top picks among platforms, frameworks, databases, and all the other tools that programmers use

bossies 2015 desktop mobile

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source desktop and mobile software

Our top picks in open source productivity tools, desktop utilities, and mobile apps

bossies 2015 applications

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source applications

Our top picks in open source business applications, enterprise integration, and middleware

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