Google App Engine gains developer interest in battle with EC2, Azure

Business-oriented enhancements lead to increased developer interest, though cloud caution still rules

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Cloud computing "is in the middle of something of a hype cycle," says Randy Guck, chief architect at Quest Software. But he thinks the cloud hype might be less than the hype a decade ago for SaaS (software as a service), something his company is now looking at developing using a cloud platform. "Right now, we're Microsoft-centric, so we're looking at Azure," Guck says, but he notes that Quest may have a role for App Engine in the future.

The question of whether the cloud is really ready for enterprise usage remains a key one for developers. As the Forrester study found, few are willing to commit now. InfoWorld's interviews echoed that caution. For example, Ryan Freng, a Web developer from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, says cloud computing is interesting but not something he would use anytime soon. "Right now, it's important that we maintain all our data and that we don't send it to the cloud," Freng says.

Likewise, independent developer Peter Svensson says the cloud is not an option for his customers, who rely on their own data centers. But he uses the cloud for personal projects and says he has high hopes for cloud computing. "I think cloud computing in conjunction with HTML5 is the way to go forward," Svensson says.

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