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Manilla: Manage Your Money

Manilla (yes, that's the right spelling) is a bit like Primadesk in that it consolidates multiple cloud services for you and offers a single sign on. But Manilla specializes in helping to managing financial services.

First and foremost, it offers a single place to go for online bill paying. Banks offer that service, of course, but Manilla goes further. You can manage your frequent flier accounts and Manilla will let you know when your next credit card payment is due -- and then let you pay it.

You can pay your wireless bill, of course, but Manilla hopes that as it achieves partnerships with more companies it will be able to do things like send you a notice when you're eligible for an upgrade. Similarly, it will help manage magazine subscriptions, so you'll be able to ignore those endless notices to renew months before it actually runs out.

Manilla creates a filing cabinet for you, making it easier, especially at tax time, to find out how much you've spent on various goods and services. All of your account information is consolidated on an easy-to-read dashboard.

You can also store things like PDFs of insurance policies in the company's online storage area. And if you don't already have an electronic copy of those documents, Manilla will make one for you.

The service is free. Manilla figures that companies will come out ahead by paying a small fee to it, and spend less on printing and mailing bills to customers. Manilla, which is backed by Hearst Corp., is in beta with a commercial launch expected sometime in the spring. You can try it out at

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