OnLive wants to be inside your PS3 and Xbox 360

OnLive, the cloud based streaming video game service, wants to get into the console game.

By McKinley Noble, GamePro |  On-demand Software, OnLive, PS3

OnLive is great for people who want to ride into the future. Cloud based gaming eliminates the need for those pesky disks and trips to your local GameStop. But if you have console, you're stuck in the past -- something that OnLive wants to fix.

OnLive Engineering VP Joe Bentley recently spoke with CVG, saying that, of course, he wants to push his company's tech onto as many machines as possible. According to the interview, OnLive is currently courting Sony and Microsoft behind closed doors. Although this sounds great in theory, I'd say we're still hundreds, maybe millions of years away from seeing Halo on PS3s and Uncharted on Xbox 360s with this service.

From CVG's interview:

"Absolutely, they would make great consoles. Our controller is a hybrid between a PS3 controller and an Xbox controller. It's all compatible, it would just work. There are OnLive guys chatting [Sony and MS], but we'll see where it goes. But it would absolutely work, we're ready to work with everybody.

He added: "What people are realising [sic] and waking up to is everything could be a console, why shouldn't you be able to take your game everywhere. I think the timing of this is perfect. When I joined the company I didn't think it was going to pan out this way.

"I give lectures at university and I tell people that finally the internet has grown to be fast enough, and that it's really the age of the SOC; the System-On Chips that you find in the iPad, the snapdragon. They're making these magical smartphones and tablets take off in a huge way."

We at GamePro remember when OnLive was just staring out, and they've expanded strongly since then -- it'll be interesting to see if they can carve a piece of profit out of GameStop's enormous pie.

[Source: CVG via Destructoid]

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