Google launches Google+ Pages for businesses

Google is finally opening up the Google+ social network to businesses with rollout of Google+ Pages.

By Tony Bradley, PC World |  On-demand Software, Google, Social Networking

For the most part, a Google+ Page is basically just a Google+ Profile that is set up for a business or brand rather than an individual. It is also just like what the 800 million Facebook users are accustomed to with Facebook Pages. Google did bring a little something more to the table, though.

Google adds unique edge to its business pages with Direct Connect. Google+ Pages will be indexed and appear in Google search results, but you can also jump straight to the Google+ Page of a business by simply typing "+" followed by the business name. For example, typing "+Toyota" in a Google search bar will take you directly to the Google+ Page for Toyota.

For businesses, there are still some questions to address. Should you set up a Google+ Page for your business? Should you maintain it in addition to a Facebook Page, or abandon Facebook and just move to Google+? Should you share the same posts and information on both Facebook and Google+, or are they unique audiences that should have unique information and interactions?

I will continue to dive in and share more details about the how and why of Google+ Pages in the coming days and weeks.

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