Facebook camera sucks, but don't blame Facebook

You may Like (or un-Like) Facebook Camera, but you’ll still love Instagram. Here is why.

By Ian Paul, PC World |  On-demand Software, Facebook, instagram

When you see those photos on your PC or in the context of Facebook's mobile apps, the aesthetic crappiness of these images gets lost amid the noise of status updates, game invitations, pokes, and comments. But take all that stuff out and leave just your friends' Facebook photos? Yick. Contrast that with Instagram where people don't necessarily share moments with friends, but publicly broadcast amazing shots of exotic food or a great view from the Golden Gate Bridge. Sure, you can find a lot of random snapshots in Instagram like this one:

But overall Instagram users are looking to share the beauty they see around them, while Facebook users are sharing moments that don't necessarily translate into great photos.

Maybe Facebook Camera will change that. Similar to Instagram, Facebook Camera lets you add filters to give your photos that 70's era Polaroid feel. And since Facebook Camera is all about photos, it may encourage people to be a little wiser about the images they post online. So as people begin to use Facebook's new app, perhaps they will be encouraged to share photos that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Until then, expect less of this:

And more of this:

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