10 essential WordPress plugins

WordPress has developed into a full-fledged content management system -- and these plugins make it even better.

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It can also minify CSS and JavaScript files, compress HTML files and interface with CloudFlare's free content delivery network (CDN).

W3 offers dozens of complex settings, some of which can conflict with other plugins. It takes time to read the FAQ and experiment with the options. Once you have a working configuration, you can easily export your settings and deploy them to other W3-enabled sites.

Even if you think your site doesn't gets enough traffic to warrant the trouble of caching, a small improvement can be worth it -- if not for users, then at least for the admins who are constantly on the site.

WP-Table Reloaded

Old-school Web design used HTML tables to put everything into tidy blocks of content. CSS may be more stylish, but tables are still valuable for presenting reams of data.

WP-Table ReloadedClick to view larger image.

Enter WP-Table Reloaded. Just upload your CSV, HTML or XML file, or use the WordPress dashboard to create an original table of values, names, dates or any other information. The table can then be embedded in any WordPress post or page using a simple shortcode, such as [table id=1]. The results can be paginated, searched, sorted, downloaded and cached, with default sort orders, filters and hidden columns or rows. WP-Table Reloaded uses the DataTables jQuery library, making it extensible so it can to handle unique scenarios or add further features.

The free plugin's only downside is a significant one: WP-Table Reloaded stores its tables in a way that isn't meant to handle a great amount of data. Go over 20K -- a limit you'll hit quickly if your tables contain HTML -- and data can start becoming uneditable or corrupt. When dealing with large tables, keep backups of your MySQL database -- or start investigating third-party alternatives for embeddable tables, such as Zoho Creator, Socrata's OpenData or Microsoft's SkyDrive, which lets you upload, edit and embed Excel spreadsheets.


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