15 LinkedIn tips to improve your job search

By Rich Hein, CIO |  Networking, LinkedIn

In the "Additional Information" section you'll also want to add links to your personal site, as well as your social networking links.

10. Setup a LinkedIn Vanity URL

Vanity URLs are cleaner than a URL string of random letters and numbers, and they can be customized to include your first and last name. Having a URL with your name in it is also important from an SEO perspective.

To set up your own vanity URL, click Profile from the top menu and choose Edit Profile. Then, click edit next to the URL beneath your image.

On the right side of the page beneath your Public Profile settings is where your current URL is listed. Click edit to customize it.

11. Add LinkedIn Badges to Your Websites

A LinkedIn badge is a small image that is linked to your LinkedIn profile. You can use it in your email signatures, website, other social networking sites or any online profiles you maintain. This creates backlinks to your profile page, which improves your SEO rankings.

To grab the code necessary to do this, click on Profile and then Edit Profile. Now click on Edit in the same place as you did for your vanity URL.

In the right hand navigation column, near the bottom, you'll see Profile Badges. Beneath that click the link, Create a profile badge. Here's an example:

12. Include Relevant Data in the Experience Section

Recruiters and employers who view your profile are likely interested in your past work experience, so it's important that this section be up to date and informative. Add some layers to your experience by including more than just a job title and dates. Add a paragraph or two for each of your positions that highlight your responsibilities and achievements. Especially important here are prior responsibilities that are relevant to the job you are looking for. Highlight these or bring them to top of your paragraph.

13. Remove Unnecessary Information from Your Work History

Many technology professionals have had several jobs but they might not all be relevant to your current career goals. Scale back old positions that may not contribute to the role you are seeking. Don't remove them completely that could raise a red flag with employers by creating a gap in your work history. Simply limit them to company name and title.

14. Show Off Your Education or Awards

The education portion of your profile is in the left column beneath the Skills and Specialties section. This is the place where you will add all of your classes, bootcamps and seminars. Once you've located this section click the link entitled, Add a School, fill in the requested information and click Save Changes.

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