Beaming information onto the brain: Learning like Kung Fu Keanu in The Matrix

Researchers found a way to imprint information on the brain via its visual processors


The only things an adult human brain can retain for the long term are those that are either false, trivial or diabolical. (How long has it been since you've heard "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree? Still remember the tune? Can't get it out of your head? Sorry.)

Actually the technique probably will lead to some form of effective lightweight training, though not about anything involving belief or even, most likely, deep decision-making.

Remembering where you left your keys or where the light switch is in a room is easy compared to understanding calculus or, for example, Kung Fu.

Even if the ability to imprint functional information ever works, it's too much to expect it would ever work well enough to overcome the two characteristics of the human brain that have been the ultimate downfall of educators, dictators and saints throughout human history: determined ignorance among those who choose not to learn, and stubborn bloody mindednessamong those who do.

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National Science Foundation/Kazuhisa Shibata

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