NASA spoils end-of-world hoopla fun with told-ya-so video

Released 10 days early, video explains why we'll still be around on Dec. 22


I'm actually glad that the world won't end on Dec. 21, despite the Mayans and other goofy conspiracy theories. Mainly because I've spent my money on Christmas gifts for the family rather than stocking up on canned goods and ammo for my survival shelter.

[Celebrate the 50th anniversary of America's first space 'first': Venus fly-by and Rats on Mars or nuts on Earth? You decide!]

I can thank the good folks at NASA for this - they're so confident that the world is going to keep on spinning, that they've released the following video, 10 days ahead of the predicted end-of-world date. While it's unclear whether the video was meant to be released today, or on the 22nd, the video has gone viral and everyone is praising (or mocking) NASA for the video.

Of course, leave it to science to basically pooh-pooh a lot of the fun that the Internet will be having over the next 10 days, creating new memes and videos and other sort of Mayan-related madness. Now what are local news stations going to do to fill up their broadcast time? Back to the well for last-minute holiday shopping stories, I suppose. Sigh. Thanks a lot, science.

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