Science! NASA finds coldest place on Earth

Newsflash - all those old jokes about witches and their anatomy are wrong


Your old joke about the current weather being "Colder than a witch's ****" will need some updating. It turns out that the folks at NASA have discovered the real location of the coldest place on Planet Earth.

In two videos published by NASA Goddard on its YouTube channel yesterday, the space agency discusses a high ridge "on the East Antarctic Plateau," where temperatures can get to minus 133.6 degrees Farenheit (minus 92 degrees Celsius).

In this first video, NASA researchers "analyzed 32 years of data from several satellite instruments that have mapped Antarctica's surface temperature."

In this second video, "How to Get Colder Than Anywhere Else", NASA Goddard's YouTube channel discusses how the temperature is able to get that cold in Antarctica.

Witches around the world are quite excited by this news, I'm sure.

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