The geekiest Yule Log video ever

Need a fireplace for the holidays? Play this hour-long science-based clip


At Thanksgiving this year, my family sat down at the dining room table to partake in dinner, but it so happens that the end of my table is being utilized by my laptop computer and some other gear.

Sure, I could have just moved it, but I didn't need the additional place setting, so instead I turned the notebook around and booted up YouTube, playing a Yule Log video (just search "yule log" and you can choose from hundreds). This added some extra ambiance to the dinnertime feast (much easier than candlelight).

The folks over at AsapSCIENCE have taken this idea and upped it a notch, providing this science-and-animation-based approach to the Yule Log. The following video can be played for an hour if you want some ambiance with a twist of science nerd-geekery:

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