Cisco expands cloud-based security services

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Cisco says the new cloud-service option includes a way to transmit TLS-protected e-mail from the customer's e-mail server to a Cisco data center -- Cisco claims it will have 33 of these data centers globally by year-end -- where the e-mail would be filtered to make sure it doesn't contain sensitive information before re-transmitting it.

Cisco acknowledges it's competing against Google's Postini service, which has some basic DLP features.

Moorman says he expects NewPage might try the Cisco e-mail security service with DLP in the future, but noted the his company has a multi-year contract left to run with the Google Postini service, and that his contract with ScanSafe is actually through Postini. Cisco says there are no immediate plans to change the ScanSafe partner arrangements.

Pricing on the ScanSafe service typically runs $2 to $5 per user per month, and the DLP feature in Cisco's e-mail security service costs between $1.25 to $1.50 per user per month.

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