The paranoid's guide to facebook

Facebook can be a scary place. Here are 6 tips to help secure your personal information.

By Logan Kugler, PC World |  Security, Facebook, privacy

Disable Facebook Places: To do so, log into Facebook, and select Privacy Settings from the Account drop-down menu (upper-right corner of the page). From there, click Customize settings--the link is at the bottom left of the page. The last line under the Things I share section deals with Facebook Places. Click Edit and select Disable.

This stops Places from operating on your profile, but it does nothing for what your friends do.

To stop friends from broadcasting your location, scroll to the Things others share section. At the bottom of that table is the Places section. There, click Edit and select Disable.

Control Individual Items Posted to Your Profile

Aside from the generic settings you control through the Account and Privacy Settings pane, you can also set the privacy level for individual items you post to your profile. This is frequently overlooked, but it is a targeted way of controlling the content posted to your profile.

Naturally, you should be careful what you post to begin with. Even if you permanently delete your Facebook account (see the last tip, below), the photographs and information that you've shared with your Facebook friends can still be lurking somewhere on Facebook or the Internet; if in doubt, don't post it, but if you do, control who sees it by using the lock feature.

Using the Lock: Posting a photograph to your profile? Before you press Share, look closely at the drop-down menu above the sharing tool. Click the drop-down menu to reveal the choices of who you want to see the post: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, or Customize.

The Customize setting will allow you to block individual Facebook friends irrespective of the choice you select. (It should go without saying, but you shouldn't accept friend requests from people you don't know. Doing so negates any and all security tips you can possibly implement.)

Hide Your App Activity

Some of the most popular games on Facebook, such as Metropolis and Mafia Wars, require--and reward--players for recruiting other users--that is, you can't succeed in the game unless you recruit other friends. And some games and apps will automatically post messages to your wall so your friends see what you've been up to (when you first play the game or use the app, you agree to the terms and conditions that allow the game or app to do this).

These frequent posts can be a nuisance to your Facebook friends, and besides, do you really want others to know that you've been playing Farmville all day instead of working?

Hitting the Facebook Invisible Key: Head over to Privacy Settings under your Account settings. At the bottom left of the Privacy Settings page is a link to the privacy options for Applications and websites.

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